This should be the optimal short levels if we're set to reverse.
If this was all a big bear market rally, typically would be over now.
Went quite a bit higher than I’d expect but we’re into the major swing resistance levels now. If we fail this level probably not shorting again until…
See first: (2) holeyprofit on Twitter: "Some rules I have for news events: 1 - Surprises will most often come in line with the trend. If in the lead up…
Early to tell but feel much more bearish. Here's expansion on bear trading plans.
I’ll do a write up on why etc. But just want to get out update at time of switch. Back into swing shorts and taking profit on longs accumulated…
Please first see: This piece is a far more chart focused version of the above post. Reading this first will provide a lot of useful contexts.
We may be at a make-or-break point in the bear case.
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